Employment & Human Resources


If you think it's time to work hand in hand then we are in with you.

We are convinced that a close-working relationship is also a key to successful legal and business advice.

This is why our Clients feel safe with us, because we act as part of their team and share a common culture. More than lawyers we are partners in business. 

We assist our clients for Labour and Employment Law issues. In this respect we provide legal advice and also represent our clients in court as litigation attorneys. Our course of action takes into account the business and corporate dimension of the companies we advise. Entegon offers labour and human resources management outsourcing for international corporations and companies doing business in Europe. Our outsourcing services rely on a strong knowledge of labour relations and of negotiation skills. Such services also include the training of local and foreign HR and legal staff.

Our clients benefit from our know-how and experience in terms of employment practice and labour relations for every stage of their businesses. We encourage all-round approach to employment and labour issues, connecting our advice in this field to the business environment of our clients and focusing on turning a complex situation in a powerful leverage for our clients' businesses.

We maintain a holistic approach when dealing with employment and labour situations, making sure that our employment lawyers have a comprehensive understanding of the business issues at stake. From our standpoint, employment and labour situations are to be dealt in perspective of business outcome. In this respect, we own a specific experience in terms of business restructuring, whether in the process of business acquisition or mergers, or in the aftermath of a bankruptcy.

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