Public Affairs


If you are looking for counsels to crash-test your options then our independence is our hallmark.

We believe that the ability to rely on independent advice is a valuable asset when managing a business.

This why our clients favour our methods and our size. It is not a matter of cost but of agility and dynamics.

We engage into sectorial lobbying activities on behalf of our clients before European and French institutions, local administrations and government members. Our expertise is built on a thorough understanding of the relationship between our client's legal, economical and environmental issues, and future legal and regulatory challenges in Europe and France. When it comes to Public Affairs, our profession as lawyers members of the Bar constitutes the assurance for our clients of our ability to hold in trust confidential information. Our profession naturally makes us the spokesmen and influencers for our clients or for their industry branch, and our strict legal background vouches for our capacity to asses the practicality of future legislation.

We provide regulatory monitoring and legislation assessment for our clients before European and French law-making institutions.

We also represent our clients within parliamentary investigation committees and parliamentary groups either with the French parliament and government or with the European Commission in Brussels.

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